Blogging and Video Messages!


Blogging and Video Messages!

So every year we say “we are going to keep up with website blogging this year” then spring/summer/autumn hits and we are running round shooting/editing all these weddings and never get the time to update our website blog! 

Our 2019 weddings ended at the end of November, and currently enjoying some well deserved rest and chill out family time! As we build towards our 2020 weddings, we aim to get our blogs updated with some of the awesome weddings we photographed and videoed across Suffolk and Essex! So watch this space!

We also shared something a little bit different this across our social platforms yesterday! Did you know our plus and premium video packages include some video messages from you guests!

Over the years we have seen it all! Tears, stripping, dancing, singing/rapping and those heartfelt messages from your loved ones you will look back on and treasure!

We always warn all our couples to expect the unexpected from video messages, normally lots of alcohol has been consumed, and we have people will say anything when a camera is pointed at them!

Check out our montage below! 

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